Review: Breather Resist

Breather Resist
“Only In The Morning”
(Deathwish Inc.)

Blistering metalcore is the specialty of the day here. Breather Resist play some of the most heaviest shit  in the vein of bands like Converge. Lead screamer Steve Sindoni wails out each song as though it’s his very last breath, each note sang with conviction. His vocals are about as convincing as a sludge hammer to the face; very intense. There is some great guitar work here and some of the breakdowns are pretty damn memorable.

My biggest complaint with this disc is each song bleeds right into the next without a break to let you know the song has finished. If you’re not into extreme music that serves as nothing more than the heaviest material for entire duration of the CD then look elsewhere. In other words this CD is a 22-minute kick to the balls so cover your nuts. Being extremely heavy is one ting but you gotta have something to keep the listener coming back for more. In the case of Breather Resist there isn’t a whole lot musically to keep me coming back for more than a couple listens.