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Arch Enemy ” Anthems of Rebellion” (Century Media)

From the introduction that sounds like a revolution fomenting in a steel mill to the searing guitar that rips in and cuts the listener’s head off again and again over the mighty course of the album, Arch Enemy has completely topped last years “Wages of Sin.” Female vocalist, Angela Gossow, sounds less like Chuck Schuldiner (RIP) on this album and more like, dare I say it, a woman with a bobcat lodged in her throat. That’s a good thing. This album kicks the last album’s ass; it’s more inventive, moodier and upbeat. The production is full and, once again, a band proves you really can’t go wrong with Andy Sneap (ex-Sabbat) at the board.
The guitar solos are exquisite works, dripping honey-imbued notes one second and caltrops the next. The song arrangements are more inspired and in general things are somewhat more on the upbeat all around. I have no idea what the band is doing lyrically. I’d hope it’s not your traditional run-of-the-mill death metal crap judging by the album title and such song titles as “We Will Rise, Despicable Heros and Silent Wars,” but who knows. This album is already making big waves. It’s the most purchased album one week after release in the history of Century Media Records. Not too shabby. I guess Arch Enemy is proving the RIAA can stuff it wear the sun don’t shine! (check out the website – they have full-length Mp3s – not clips!)