Review: The Boonaraaas!!!

The Boonaraaas!!!
“A Tribute to Bananarama”

Yep, the damn Boonaraaas!!! and their exclamation points are back.  Just for the record, these ladies are so ugly (see other Boonaraaas!!! review) I was positive that these were dudes dressed in drag for the cover shoot.  Also on the record, calling this thing a “Bananarama Tribute” is nothing short of blasphemous.  Those of you who know me (ok, none of you, I have no friends, are you happy now?) know Bananarama is my favorite band and a constant complaint of mine to the record industry is that there hasn’t been much love directed their way.

So to call these two (TWO DAMN SONGS) tracks (sorry uglies, I’m not counting your original “I’m in Love with Hulk, the Monster” as even existing on this EP) a “tribute” really rubs me the wrong way.  As if Bananarama’s entire library of genius tracks only constituted “Cruel Summer”, which is done super half-assed in a ‘this song is so cool if you just speed it up’ sort of way.  Pu-lease!  Besides being a kickass song from Karate Kid part I, “Cruel Summer” helped usher the new-wave sound into the mainstream, which, admittedly, is pretty gay but it’s still a cool song.  “Robert De Niro’s Waiting” also gets a hackneyed treatment.  I wish Ralph Macchio would beat these hags up.