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Fairweather ” Lusitania” (Equal Vision)

Yes!! This is a cool album. That makes me feel good because I had the opportunity to meet these guys at a random show and they were swell fellas. Thier merch. guy had the coolest mustache I’ve ever seen. I just remeber being quite intoxicated and doing my damnedest to get us laid, to no avail. (Of course.) Oh well, you can’t win em’ all. When I got this CD I was thinking “damn I hope this doesn’t suck and I have to write a fucked review.” Good job dudes, “Lusitania” is a rockin’ indie/post punk record packed with great melodies, a warm tone, and irrefutably heartfelt vocals. The dynamics of the album are great, skipping easily from somber moments to calculated spasms. I would definatly recommend “Lusitania” to indie rock fans, and if you go to see them play take some style notes from thier merch guy, he rules.

Thom C