Review: Bloodlined Calligraphy

Bloodlined Calligraphy
““The Beginning of the End””

For the record I usually hate most death metal, but something about this release didn’t have me reaching for the eject button like most other releases. Bloodlined Calligraphy manages to fuse together elements of thrash, hardcore, death and even classic rock into one bastardized form of music. The riff that plays on during ‘Isaac Is The Champ’ sounds more like something off of a classic rock record ala Sabbath, rather than anything going on in the death metal or hardcore. The band’s one downfall seems to be the production; while it is solid, it fails to truly meld all the elements of the bands music together into one cohesive package. The songs are well-written and executed, they just need that extra punch solid production can deliver. With all the piss-poor copycats chasing what’s hot right now it was refreshing to see a band like Bloodlined Calligraphy attempt to be different and do it with a fan amount of success.