Review: Andrew W.K

Andrew W.K
“The Wolf”

First things first, I was a big fan of what Andrew W.K tried to do with his debut “I Get Wet” and seeing him live was one of the best times I’ve had at a concert in years. So it was with a great deal of anticipation that I awaited the release of “The Wolf”.

First off, the cover of this new disc is pretty lame: a picture of Andrew looking all contemplative. I’ve seen unsigned bands that put 10 times more effort into their CD’s packaging. Anyways it’s the music that counts right?


I don’t know what happened between the first album and this one but I’m not digging it. There was this fun, fist pumping quality that just grabbed me by the throat on the debut that’s just not here. Sure, all the staples of Andrew’s sound are here like the keyboards, party lyrics and hard hitting drums but something is still missing.

Songs like ‘Make Sex’, ‘Free Jumps’ and the really lame ‘Long Live the Party’ just don’t stand up to his earlier material. Don’t get me wrong, I love Andrew W.K and provided he comes back to my area, I will definitely be there to party but this album just doesn’t do it for me.

The songs on “The Wolf” seem to blend right into the next, making for one rather dull 40-minute song.