Review: Cannibal Corpse “Wretched Spawn”

CDCannibal Corpse

Cannibal Corpse
“Wretched Spawn”
(Metal Blade)

One staple of extreme music will always be Cannibal Corpse. These guys have made a career out of writing mini-horror movies and turning them into songs. Nobody else has ever touched the genius of songs like “Fucked With A Knife” or “She Cums Blood” quite like Cannibal Corpse. With “Wretched Spawn”, the Cannibal boys have turned in some punishing riffs accompanied by some killer blast beats. The dual guitar attack of O’Brien and Owen is pretty fucking amazing on this record, while George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher turns in a great grunt filler performance. If you dug Cannibal before, then this is some of the best stuff yet. If you didn’t dig Cannibal before, then why the hell are you reading this? One REALLY annoying thing about this disc is that because it was a “promo” copy they’ve bleeped out parts of the song so people won’t upload the album to the Net. This is REALLY ANNOYING! I’m trying to review the music and every 20 seconds I get a distracting bleep that rings in my ears! What is up with that? Metal Blade better do something about that because it made me not want to listen to the album. On a completely unrelated side-note, I’ve always wondered with a name like “Corpsegrinder”, do your parents acknowledge you as that? At dinner would they say, “Hey Corpsegrinder, pass the pepper!” Things that make you go hmmmmm…

James Wright