Review: 40 Below Summer

40 Below Summer
“The Mourning After”
(Razor and Tie)

You wake up with your head pounding, mouth dry and you feel like shit. We’ve all had those mornings and I’m sure that’s exactly what the band 40 Below Summer felt like when their debut record landed them on a label that went tits up mere weeks after their record release. Where their debut, “Invitation to Dance” was heavy on the nu-metal influences, with their sophomore effort they have tried to turn things around.

This album sees the band adopting a heavier tone much like bands like Mudvayne and Nothingface but utilizing the vocal talents of singer Max Illedge to maximum melodic capacity. ‘Breathless’ is a perfect example of the band’s growth and progression; the song is melodic, with a powerful hook in the chorus.
‘F.E’ is furious in it’s blistering delivery in execution; heavy but with a direction and purpose. 40 Below Summer were definitely in the position where this album was either going to make or break the band but they have delivered the goods in an album that is heavy, melodic and powerful. Wake up; it’s the mourning after and the sun has never shined brighter.