Review: Adiar

“The Permanent Bruise”
(Criterion Records)

You really want to say that every band has something new and exciting to offer except for the fact that they seem to like making music or that they seem like nice people.  The fact is that this hard rock outfit is completely forgettable.  The only track worth a damn is “Inflamed Nerve Endings” which could have easily been on an early Incubus album with the right production.  I think Adiar sound a little like 50 different bands, but not unique.

Even the excessive screaming almost caused my heart to stop beating from sheer boredom.  Sadly, I think this band is the elevator music of the future.  I mean sure the screaming is a little much, but at least the singer’s voice has been compressed so much that it always sounds on key and the guitar riffs are Wayne’s World power chords.  I need a nap.