Review: 151

“Poisoning the System”

Every single little soul growing up in the dusty, desolate environs of the Inland Empire has one, and only one, fierce desire burning a hole through their being. That is to get the hell out of the I.E., and to do so as fast as possible. 151, a San Bernadino spawned foursome, is no different from the rest of the 909ers, save for the fact that they can rock the fuck out, and at breakneck speeds to boot.

Poisoning the System, their six song disc on Roughedge, is a concise package of System of a Down-like rock-rap, stripped of pretension and bolstered by lead-singer Sonik’s vitriolic, bombastic spleen-venting. A band named after the heaviest of Bacardi drippings has to get their drink on, and Intoxicated, a track dedicated to heavy saucing, stands out as an ode to the lifestyle of indulgence over a searing guitar crunch. As a groove-heavy, determined effort to push the boundaries of a much maligned genre, Poisoning the System may just be 151’s ticket to geographic freedom.