Review: All is Suffering

All is Suffering
“The Past: Vindictive Sadisms of Petty Bureaucrats”
(Crucial Blast)

I know you’re out there…who are you?  Somebody is buying these grindcore albums…is it you?  Do people cross the street when they see you coming? Are you the guy with the shaved head and the upper-arm tats?  Are you that guy?  If you are, then I’m guessing you’ll like this album because it sounds like hell.  It sounds like goddamn hell.  Hell, hell, hell.  This thing grinds more than Chad Muska on a twenty-stair handrail.  It grinds more than R. Kelly at a daycare.  It grinds more than a lowered G-ride on an oversized speed bump.  You get the picture.

All is Suffering like singing (if you can call what they do singing) about death at close to 30,000 decibels, as well as compressing about three minutes of sound into ninety seconds.  The utter ferocity on this compilation of work recorded between 1997 and now could fuel many a good beatdown.  Seeing as how I have no upper-arm tats and would sooner take a cheese grater to my face than voluntarily listen to grindcore, I was unable to find any hooks or catchiness hiding anywhere on “The Past”, but maybe those with a more discerning ear will have better luck detecting those kernels of joy that you grindcore-ers go crazy for.  But let’s face it, you’re already crazy anyway.