Review: Dave Attell

Dave Attell
“Skanks for the Memories”
(Comedy Central)

Self described as “Andre Agassi with a drinking problem”, this is Dave Attell recorded live in Denver, CO.  Some of these jokes you might have caught from Dave’s opening standup segment of his popular Comedy Central show “Insomniac with Dave Attell” in which he travels to various cities throughout the US and features various levels of nightlife.  But what you see on the show is very censored compared to the material presented here.  Some choice topics included:  If your cousin is hot enough, you should be able to have sex with her.  His fear of travel (because his dad used to beat him with a globe).  The fine line between cuddling and holding someone down so they can’t get away.  How when you are young you think your dad is superman and then when you get old you realize he’s just a drunk in a cape.  That Riverdance is partly queer with a chance of fag.  You get the idea.  Barroom humor from a barroom drunk.  But a nice guy.  His humor is often making as much fun of himself as the guy passed out at the end of the bar… which is probably Dave as well.  Comedy Central’s “Insomniac” is like, Dave light.  Dave for the family.  This CD is your drinking buddy Dave.  The guy that makes you laugh so hard, your beer comes out your nose.  He’s your best friend that your girlfriend hates.  White trash hero for sure.