Review: Spitalfield

“The Cloak and Dagger Club EP”
(Sinister Label)

A fairly used rendition of pop-punk meets americana. Think heavily gained distortion with emotionally driven vocals and chimey rhythm guitars (sound familiar?). It is becoming increasingly difficult to say that bands such as Spitalfield is something new that will blow you away because it’s not and it won’t, but Spitalfield is still really good at what they do. As a booking agent I would easily place them on a AA tour with Midtown, the Early November, and The Juliana Theory; all of which are undoubtedly contemporaries of Jimmy Eat World. Like the other aforementioned bands, Spitalfield exhibits a degree of musical ability other musician can really admire, but unfortunately it’s not hard to get lost in the musical shuffle. If Spitalfield sticks with it and really to develops a unique sound I see great things in the future. Feeding the fire!