Review: NBA2K6


Platform: XBox
Developer: 2K Sports
Publisher: 2K Sports
Players: 1-4 + online


While going the traditional basketball outlets, NBA2K6 does indeed share some of the positives (and negatives) of its younger brother, NHL2K6.

First, graphics are slightly worse. This looks more like a first gen XBox title. I’m not sure exactly why NHL2K6 looks better, but it does. That aside, there are some pretty cool bonuses that aren’t usually found in sports titles. The standard career mode that can be found in almost any sports game is here, but with a heavy adjustment. Now called 24/7, you can literally build a character from scratch. Everything from looks (tattoos to sweatbands) to skill improvement in streetball games, eventually competing in competitions (like the EBC). This is a pretty refreshing change an otherwise yawning game mode.

In competition later in the game, you’ll find that the computer can be especially brutal when it comes to defense. Prepare to say “oh, what the fuck!” about ten million times. Other wise, this is a decent game, especially for the price tag.