Insanely detailed, 14 foot Lego StarCraft II Map

legostar legostar2

Those are just a couple sections of a most impressive Lego build of the battle map from the popular video game, StarCraft II.

So yes, this is taking two incredibly fun nerdy things and combining them into a whole new level of geekery.

And it is awesome.

Levels of cool can be measured in Lego. If it hasn’t been made out of Lego… it’s not cool. That’s how cool Lego is.

This vision was built by a group of international LEGO/Starcraft fans. It includes all three races and a ton of buildings and battle units.

The detail is most impressive… (Check the fly-by video post below…)

legostar3 legostar4 legostar5 legostar6 legostar7

Video fly-by of obsessive/compulsive order as expressed in Lego…