Find Crypto in your neighborhood! Coin Hunt World


[UPDATED April 2022: Some core mechanics have changed – for the better.]

[UPDATED June 2022: Vault payouts have been DRASTICALLY reduced due to the current state of crypto. It is still worth your time, but will take more of it to get paid.]

[UPDATED June 2022: The new ‘wrinkle’ in the game – forcing you to take a picture of the vaults environment. Fine… except… the app can be buggy. So it crashes when it forces you to take a picture. And then you get your account suspended for ‘force stopping’ the app. Currently waiting on customer service to resolve this. This is the second time I’ve had to speak to customer service regarding this. – I’ll update again when I get a resolution.] 

[FINAL JUNE UPDATE: After going through a few not-so-helpful customer service reps, a very helpful individual listened to what happened, and unlocked my account. If you ever run into any issues with this, check their Discord and ask for ‘Xavier’. He is a shining example of how customer service is done right.]


This is ‘cubie’.


Cubie can find crypto in your neighborhood.


In Coin Hunt World, a player uses a ‘Pokemon-Go’ style of map and gameplay to explore their city to earn small amounts of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The newest game update has changed all those blue keys into blue vaults, creating even more opportunities to earn.

The core of the gameplay works like this:

Once you sign up (free), you can build your HeadQuarters where you live. Your HQ will generate blue keys daily. Wander around your city. Find blue vaults. Put blue key into blue vault and answer trivia question correctly and wham, bam, it’s not a scam… you just earned yourself some crypto.

There’s more layers to it than that, but what needs to be communicated right up front, is this ‘game’ works and pays out exactly like it promises. No tricks. No hidden fees. And at this point in time, there isn’t even any advertising. It seems the game is focused on building its user base by providing a transparent P2E game that actually pays.

I’ve been ‘playing’ Coin Hunt World since the beginning of August 2021. A little over 8 months later, I’ve pulled a total of $230.00+ out of this game in Bitcoin and Ethereum. Obviously, not enough to quit a day job over, but at an average of about $28.75*** a month, just to answer some trivia questions as I go about my normal routines, that isn’t too shabby.

[***With the update, that rate to earn has increased drastically. Also worth note, I live in WI and for half of those months, it was straight up winter, which SEVERELY reduces the amount of time you are out and about earning].[but the recent update to the game has drastically DECREASED the payouts due to the current crypto winter of Spring 2022.]

I live in a small town in Wisconsin (about 20,000 population) and I have managed to make it work. In warmer weather, I ride my bike around and essentially get paid a couple of bucks for the exercise. In the winter, I cheat and drive around, so there is a bit of gas off-setting my total take, but I rarely go out of my way and just sort of work out a route to and from my destination that hits the most vaults along the way.

Your pay out is going to depend on two main factors: 1) How big of a city do you live in? Country folk and rural areas are not going to be very populated with vaults. Big city people are definitely at an advantage with Coin Hunt World. and 2) How often do you actually go out and ‘hunt’.

The vaults will always be in the same place. Keys can be generated 3x per day at your HQ. Blue vaults can be opened twice per day if you try once in the morning and then again in the evening (they reset twice per 24 hours). I said ‘Blue Vaults’ because that is typically what you will find. However, there is an occasional green vault and those questions/vaults pay out considerably more. Generally (although because crypto is always changing value), the blue vaults are going to pay out .10 cents [June 2022: User created vaults still pay out .10 but regular blue vaults only pay out .01]. if you answer the question correctly in the first three seconds (to prevent you from googling) and then less as the timer ticks down. Green vaults pay out $1.00 (again, against a timer) and take (obviously) a Green key to open. [June 2022: Green vaults pay out .50 and can only be opened every other day.] It takes 10 Blue keys to forge 1 Green key… so yeah… use them wisely.

In major cities, you might be able to find user created Yellow vaults that pay out $10.00 [June 2022: Reduced payout as well.] and take 1 Yellow key = 10 Green keys = 100 blue keys, yikes! So you better hope you get the question correct. But everything is multiple choice, so you have a 1 in 4 chance even if you are just blindly guessing. There are very special, limited run events that have a Red vault for $1000 and 1 Red key = you get the idea. A couple of those have happened, but for you… it’s probably going to be Blue and Green vaults.

The game pays out once per week, but only if you have at least $10.00 in Bitcoin or Ethereum built up. In my small town, it’s not hard to hit that if I’m hunting at least 5 or more days out of the week. In the winter, it takes a couple of weeks as I’m not out as much.


Another interesting aspect of Coin Hunt World, is the game allows you to build up to 10 of your own Blue vaults around your city (once you’ve earned enough in-game resources by answering questions correctly). You have to pick a ‘touristy’ spot (restaurant, historical landmark) and snap a pic to upload to the game for approval… but I got all 10 out of 10 of my vaults up and running no problem. So that’s 10 more vaults I can hit on my runs in addition to what was already there. Plus, I get a percentage of keys paid out to me from other users that use my vaults. Which makes forging those Green keys much easier.

The game has some other crafting features to create different ‘cubies’ that often run with seasonal events… but whatever. It’s just aesthetic dress-up. You want to get that crypto… So here is a step by step guide for beginners.

[April 2022 Update: The game has gone through a radical upgrade and major redesign. Keys are no longer found out and about. They are generated from your home base. This has streamlined the game and actually INCREASED the rate at which a player can earn. The below beginner’s guide has also been updated.]

[June 2022 Update: The game has drastically decreased the payout rate.]

Once you download and install the game… all the terminology will make sense.

  1. ***Very Important: Tap your Blue Cubie icon in the lower left corner to open your ‘profile’ menu. Check the box for ‘Hunter Mode’. Make sure that is on. For some reason, it is default set to off. It needs to be on in order to earn crypto… otherwise you are just using keys and answering questions for the ‘fun’ of it.
  2. Place your Head Quarters on the map where you live.
  3. Once you have a HQ, get in the habit of claiming your Mystery Box three times a day. It appears at 7 am, 3 pm, and 11 pm. You can claim them any time in the windows in-between, but they don’t stack up and wait for you, so you gotta grab’em.
  4. NOW… with your blue keys you are getting daily from your HQ, go out in the world, find blue vaults, insert blue keys, and answer trivia questions. Each vault, if answered correctly and quickly, is worth .10 in crypto, less if you take too much time. Do this as often as you can. As you answer correctly, you will be earning little bits of Bitcoin and Ethereum and also some other resources.
  5. Keep your eye out for GREEN VAULTS. They are worth $1.00 and obviously take Green Keys. You get GREEN KEYS by hitting the key icon on the bottom right of your screen, which takes you to your key menu. At the bottom of the screen, is another little blue key… tap that to open a forge to exchange 10 Blue Keys for 1 Green Key. You can do this anytime, so only convert blue keys as you need them to insert into Green Vaults. And if you live in a bigger city, you might find a Yellow Vault. Those are worth $10.00. The question will be tough. And it takes 10 Green Keys for 1 Yellow Key (which is equal to 100 Blue Keys… so you better answer correctly).
  6. The other resource you are concerned with (besides the crypto) is ‘Resin’. Sometimes you’ll get some, sometimes you won’t. But just stay in this loop until you have gathered 10,000 Resin. Its probably going to take you at least a week, maybe two or three. It really depends on your city and how much time you are out and about.
  7. Once you have gathered your first 10,000 Resin, this will give you the option to unlock your Uphold Wallet. This is an external crypto wallet that is independent of the game, which the Coin Hunt World uses to deposit your earnings. It works like most any other exchange and allows for trading and selling of crypto. *This actually makes a nice entry point for someone who is interested in crypto, but doesn’t want to risk their own money. Rock this game for awhile, and you’ll earn some crypto to play with and grow your understanding of the environment. [*Uphold does have some steep fees to transfer your crypto out, so best let it build up awhile before you move it to cash out or trade on another exchange. Ex: It cost me $4.60 to move $20.00 out (so only $16.40 arrived to it’s destination on a $20.00 withdrawal). It cost about the same to move another $40.00 out. Their fees are explained, they aren’t ‘tricking’ you… just make sure you understand crypto a little bit and where the best fees/withdrawal ratio works best for your situation. If you are totally unsure… shoot for at least a $100 worth of BTC or ETH before you move it out. But it is YOUR crypto and wallet, so once Coin Hunt World pays you out, it’s 100% your asset to do with what you want.}
  8. Now keep an eye on the resin you earn. For every 10,000, you can build a user vault somewhere in your town. You’ll want to find places that don’t already have a vault built, but are near the ones already on your normal routes. The game prefers restaurants, public parks, historical markers… something of interest. It took me months to get all 10 up and running, but it’s possible.

And that’s it! Your earned crypto will auto-deposit in your Uphold Wallet once per week (again, only if the $10.00 min is there).

Final Verdict: Providing you live in an area that has enough vaults… this game is PERFECT for someone who likes to get out and bike, walk the dog, or jog, etc. You can literally get paid to exercise. Kids old enough to have a phone should find some fun in Coin Hunt World, although they will be at a disadvantage with the trivia. If you are old as dirt like me… you have been around the sun a few times and know a couple things. I know little bits about a lot of things, so I do well with the trivia. Except ‘music’ trivia, ironically. I have no idea about anything Rhianna related, so those questions are just a guessing game. But MOST of the trivia, is pretty dumb simple. You’ll get an occasional curve ball… but I tend to get about 19 out of 20 correct. But again, that will highly depend on how much you know about the world.

I threw an example question from the game at my younger friend (who is in his early 20’s)… “Who recorded ‘Abby Road’?” …

He looked at me with an unknowing, blank stare.

I weep for our youth.


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