Review: Snuff

““Blue Gravy: Phase 9” ”
(Fat Wreck Chords)

Snuff puts out their 5th cd and this one is good. Blue Gravy: Phase 9 has plenty of energy and very groovy riffs. They prove to be very versatile and dynamic as they explode with one of the best cd’s I’’ve heard in a while. I’’ve never listened to a full Snuff cd before but they definitely won me over. Their jumpy, hard-hitting anthems and throaty vocals are just what I need in this oh so predictable hellish, headache inflicting world we call punk. . These guys bring a lot of passion and soul when they play and the last two tracks are recorded live to show it. About 90% of it is hardcore and the other 10% is groove-soul-speed-funk instrumental jams.For you Snuff fans, new versions of Ichola Buddha and Night of the Li’s are also included. This cd suprised me, usually the cd’s I review are out of my truck in a day or two, but Snuff has stayed in there for a week and a half now. If you like Good Riddance and the Dropkick Murphys check them out.