Review: T.S.O.L.

(Nitro Records)

Authentic O.C. punk band, T.S.O.L. with original singer, Jack Grisham are back doing what they do best, deliver true punk rock- with much of the vibrance they had back in the early 80’s. Most of the songs I know from T.S.O.L. are with their second singer, Joe Woods. I love those songs like Red Shadows, Johnny Comes Home and Flowers By the Door. When Grisham and original drummer, Todd Barnes left the band at the height of their glory back in ‘83, they allowed Woods’ T.S.O.L to create their classic songs that most are familiar with when they think of T.S.O.L. Even though the original band takes credit for making the band what it is, many would argue that for what ever reason they left, they gave up their right to claim credit for the legacy of T.S.O.L. But now Jack Grisham is back and is trying to make up for lost time. He does a great job with his scary British accent flashing back memories of 80’s punk. Nitro Records say they invented Goth Punk and they definitely bring a! drinkin’ and fightin’ vibe with their mean riffs and sick-ass leads by Ron Emory. Definitely worth listening to, I would recommend this cd to anyone who likes anything from glam to goth to old school.