Review: Turbo Negro

Party Animals

Aren’t Turbonegro’s fifteen minutes over yet? A band that dresses like the Village People and sounds like the Ramones raping AC/DC isn’t exactly what you’d think all this hype is about, but it is… in a nutshell. And the hype is largely responsible due to the completely irresponsible blathering praise of rock journalists across the country. There are no praises to be sung here, and Turbonegro’s shtick is sounding more tired than ever on “Party Animals.” The name of the album alone, “Party Animals,” suggests wrote-by- the-numbers drudgery has slipped in through the cracks on this band that can’t sing enough of their own praises. When guitarist Euroboy is asked about new album, “Party Animals,” he says, somewhat nonsensically, “We’ve got eleven hits, all of them beautifully negative switchblade serenades.” As far as the “hits” part, doubtful. As far as the “beautifully negative” part, up beat ditties about getting wasted, committing crimes and lusting after anything that moves have been a dime a dozen in the past and aren’t worth anymore now… My wife is unhappy with this review. She says, “I know you’re sick of them, but they’re good at writing creatively silly songs, they’ve got cool guitar riffs and compared to most shit out there… my god…” So there you go, two opinions in one review. This means I have to keep the album, which sucks because I’m really not a party animal. I’m really much more like a studious plant.