Review: Total Chaos

Total Chaos
Freedom Kills

It’s loud, it’s angry, it’s political, it’s…Ladies and gentlemen: Total Chaos! What a surprise! And it looks as through they’re really gonna branch out tonight and play some old school, borderline crusty punk. I say borderline, ‘cause they actually have the money to put out fancy digi-pak CD’s on some virtually unknown label. That means they’ve surpassed the typical crusty punk not only by keeping the band together for more than a week, but also because maybe they’ll make a living at doing it. And with an album such as Freedom Kills…well, let’s be honest here: it does sound like every other street punk album with its grumbling frontman and overly tinny guitar wonking away at four chords. But it’s got the passion and venom to be truly inspiring. Not Casualties inspiring…maybe a reasonably hand-drawn facsimile.