Review: Straightfaced

““Pulling Teeth””

Straightfaced has a remarkably simple and honest approach to the process of songwriting.  First, begin with a twenty to thirty second heavy guitar intro.  Second, let lead vocalist Johnny Miller (not to be confused with the baseball announcer) scream about the shallowness of modern life for a minute or two.  Repeat heavy guitar intro.  Repeat Miller’s screams.  Repeat entire process eleven times to create “Pulling Teeth” their latest release on Epitaph.  That said, “Pulling Teeth” is still a darn good hardcore album.  Producer Blag Dahlia (of the Dwarves) keeps the project on-line and the focus on the music, rather than the personnel changes that have plagued Straightfaced since their last LP “Conditioned”.  Fortunately, lead guitarist Dave Tonic is back with his intense, grinding style of play, giving instant weight and credibility to every track.  For those of you into unabashed metalcore-this is the one for you.