Review: US Crush

US Crush
““Self Titled””
(Immortal Records)

Wow, and I thought 80’s rock was dead— US Crush has certainly banished that thought from my mind (Damn). I almost mistook the first song on their Self Titled CD for an old Journey song with that same signature, harmonious chorus. The sounds of the album as a whole are diverse, more of a musical montage, sometimes venturing into a faster paced, almost punk sound then into a deeper, modern rock.  “Debutante” combines that harmonious rock chorus with a screaming, obnoxious brit-punk sound, while other songs, like “Loser” would fit squarely into the hard rock mold- you know, the Creed- radio rock family, until, once again the chorus slides us down to even more radio friendly range. And then there are songs like “Stand Up” and “You Wanna Be A Star” which are pure rock, solid and adventurous, something they sound decidedly at home in.  So, where do they fit in?? I don’t know! I’m confused! They may be a miscellaneous collage of genres, but US Crush are worth giving a chance and figuring out.