Review: Still Dreadful

Still Dreadful
““Lucky Fuckers””
(El Pocho Loco)

These guys are my new favorite.  Thirteen tracks of unabashed butt-rock straight from the heart of California.  You’’ve got to respect a bunch of guys whose biggest influences are undoubtedly Stryper and Winger.  Every song sounds remarkably similar with hard driving, virtuoso guitar solos and bass lines that are right out of the “Mastering the Basics” manual for aspiring butt-rockers.  The truly great thing about Still Dreadful is the plethora of contemporary social topics covered by the band, ranging from alcohol in the aptly titled “Whiskey Song” to sketchy food in “Beef Loaf”.  Accompanying the lyrics themselves are plenty of “Oh, yeah…oh, yeah…yeah, yeah, yeah!” quasi-vocals that really make this CD one for the ages.  Still Dreadful takes one of the most noble and honest approaches to music, as their love for making music far (far, far, far) surpasses their technical prowess.  They dedicate the album to “all the freaks, weirdos, maniacs and idiots who give us a reason to exist”-that pretty much sums it up.