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THE HAUNTED – interview by seep


Metal hasn’t died. It’s just been watered down, homogenized and packaged for the masses. Not so in Sweden, where quality bands are pumped out like clockwork. From the ashes of the mighty thrash metal band At The Gates have arisen The Haunted. On their new album, “The Haunted Made Me Do It” these crazy Swedes display what a lot of American metal has been lacking recently; aggression, speed, and that special ingredient called talent. The Haunted’s guittarist Patrick Jensen gives me the lowdown.

Seep: How did the Haunted come together?
Patrick Jensen: We came together in July 96’ when Adrian from At The Gates, now the drummer of the Haunted called me up and told me that At The Gates had broken up just a few minutes ago. He asked me if I was interested in playing in a band with him. After we rehearsed for the first time we knew it just clicked. After going through a few different band members the two brothers from At the Gates found their way into the band. We also recently got a new singer, Marcos from the band Facedown.

Seep: How do you feel the current state of metal is progressing (In the underground to the mainstream MTV stuff)?
Patrick: Well, in Europe we used to have on MTV a show like Headbangers Ball, which would feature death metal, thrash and all sorts of good stuff. Recently it’s just been taken off the air. I’m not into a lot of the newer mainstream metal that’s been getting a lot of attention. I think there will always be a good underground metal scene.

Seep: What’s your favorite horror movie?
Patrick: The Shining.

Seep: What bands did you grow up listening to?
Patrick: Testament, Iron Maiden…bands along those lines. And then later Slayer.

Seep: What has been your favorite Country to play in and why?
Patrick: Japan for sure. They love thrash. They also really love solos. Anytime we did any sort of guitar solo there everyone in the audience would go insane, waving their arms around and trying to imitate the guitar sounds with their voice.

Seep: What’s the craziest thing that’s happened at one of your shows?
Patrick: It was in Brazil. We were playing a show, and all these guys jumped on stage. We expected them to just do a stage dive, but they ran up to us and started trying to kiss us. I guess it’s a Brazilian thing.

Seep: Last words?
Patrick: Don’t blame school massacres on metal.