Review: Sommerset

““Fast Cars, Slow Guitars””
(Phryte Records)

Great album title, good Jawbreaker sound. Nothing really new here, just good ol ______ (insert rock genre). A few punk rock songs, like the 20 second Gossip Machine, but mostly a pretty solid album by a tight four piece. Who’s singing? Why, it’s our friend Ryan Thomas, whose huskier voice has a pinch of RFTC drawls, but none of those damn horns. Favorite track would have to be the title song, ‘Fast Cars, Slow Guitars’, with its tight guitarmanship, if that’s a word. All in all, a very cool band from New Zealand, and according to the little piece of paper that came with the CD, they’re planning a tour in the States this fall, so hopefully I’’ll have a chance to check them out if they hit the west coast. I highly suggest you do the same.