Review: Simon Says

Simon Says
““Shut Your Breath””
(Hollywood Records)

Vocalist, Matt Franks, deserves major recognition for his amazing voice with a pitch that goes from a mind-blowing scream, to a soothing whisper, all while sounding so clean it’s almost eerie.  Although Simon Says have played with bands like Limp Bizkit, Staind and Filter, it’s safe to say they can stand their own ground when it comes to the way this album hits, almost like an earthquake.  This being their second release, it’s noted that the band has been working on pulling things together so they come out sounding ten times harder.  With songs like “Hey You,” and its insane screaming intro and “Silk Mouth” with hard hittin’ guitars and the voice of anger, then moving on to songs like “Canvas” with the simple whisper message of “fuck you,” even the mellower songs on this album carry on the hardcore theme.  “Shut Your Breath” is absolutely amazing from beginning to end.  Expect nothing less from this hardcore, focused band.