Review: Red Dead Revolver

Red Dead Revolver


Platform: XBox
Developer: Rockstar
Publisher: Rockstar
Players: 1-4

A well-rounded third person western shoot’em up with a good story backdrop and colorful characters. The player is taken through level after level of old school shootouts, bar fights, train jackings and show downs. The sheer variety of game play is what keeps this game fresh. Each level has it’s own charm and the pace is given a good change up by occasionally switching the characters you play (which all enhance and progress the storyline). The controls and aiming are smooth and the graphics are dusty and gritty like the old west. Kills are gratifying as the screen does this little ‘pulse’ to let you know when you’ve dealt the fatal blow. While there is a backdrop of ‘revenge-of-my-murdered parents’ plot, the game has a small city of Brimstone with npc characters to chat with and get more storyline. There are also shops you can enter to purchase goods and spend money unlocking journal pages (a readable scrap book that gives background information on items, places, things in the game) and showdown characters. These showdown characters make for another side game more suited for multiplayer purposes. A good array of guns and other weapons equals non-stop action. RDR is fun from front to finish with plenty of replay value.