Review: Recover

““Rodeo and Picasso””
(Fueled by Ramen)

What Recover has accomplished with this CD is a intertwined mix of guitar-heavy Hum/Radiohead sound with the sporadic peaks of Thursday/Refused vocals, not typically seen (done well) with a four-piece two guitar band. Starting in high school as a Green Day cover band which, at first, I held against them, Recover seems to have dropped ANY resemblance of GD’s three chord madness, totally unlike other bands who ‘accidentally’ include riffs from their obvious influences. Lets see, what else. This is a ten song LP, um… and they’re from Austin, TX, and totally rip. Not much else to say. What I really want to know is, how the hell can you be this young and this talented? When I was their age, I was far too busy trying to get my grubby hands on drugs, and playing out in my head how to convince the closest chick to fuck me. Bastards.