Review: Rancid

“Self titled”
(Hellcat Records)

Remember when  ..And Out Come The Wolves came out?  The first song, Maxwell Murder, started playing and you thought, ‘Fuck yeah, Rancid got back to it’s punk roots!’.  Then you listened to the rest of the album, which was slow and ska-laced, but you liked it anyhow. A few years pass, and they release Life Won’t Wait, which turns out to be even slower, and way reggae influenced, so it took even longer for you to enjoy. Well, stop the fucking presses!  This latest album kicks fucking ass! None of that pussy pop shit, this is all punk. Each song is fast and tight, even the released single, Let Me Go, which the video for that us available on Rancid’s web site, is sick. I have zero complaints about this new album, which sounds like US Bombs, among others, infused it with the punk chords Rancid was known for. Looking forward to seeing them on tour. Now, stop reading and go buy!