Review: Sloppy Meateaters

Sloppy Meateaters
“Shameless Self Promotion”
(Orange Peal Records, Inc.)

Scratch any preconceived notions you might have about a two-member, pop-punk band from Georgia.  All right, now listen to Sloppy Meateaters. These guys are pretty damn decent- considering that they’re young, lacking a bassist on this album (one guy played drums, the other did vocals, guitar and bass) and, well, they’re from Georgia, for gods sake. Looking beyond that, “Shameless Self Promotion” is their latest cd and it’s really good.  First of all, they take the pop-punk epidemic and crank it up a few notches, beyond MTV friendly sounds into more of a pop-meets-garage punk, sometimes even sounding a bit Pennywise-esque.  Their lyrics range from silly to serious, like in “A Dumb Guy in A Stupid Band”, they sing, “I can’t get a job, I find a girl who I practically rob, She thinks I’m cool cuz I’m in a band, But I’m just loser with no friends.”  Then there is the more serious “Mom”.  “You sold your soul, so I could eat, you blocked the dark, so I could read. I’m really feeling bad, you’ve been my mom and dad.”  While there is a song titled, “I Sing Like a Girl” (is that supposed to be a put-down?), that’s not really the case.  “Shameless Self Promotion” is an addictive, thick, punk-pop album that such fans will adore. But beware, the songs stick in your head like that road-kill on my tires.