Review: Pitch Black

Pitch Black
“This Is The Modern Sound”

Bold and driven, one cannot come down on Pitch Black for trying. However, we can give them heaps of shit for switching identities faster than they change their underwear. Initially blasting onto the scene looking as if they’d raided Davey Havok’s wardrobe, this band was decidedly gothic punk. Now, they seem to have found their (I)NC records and are going for that communist revolution artistic approach that you see on most posters and Giant clothing. Musically, they’re just as ambitious, blending brash three-chord tears with delicate breakdowns and intricate passages. It all makes for a great release if you’ve never heard ‘em. They’re slightly heavier/catchier than emo but not so aggressive as to freak out your date. To those of us who are familiar though, it almost doesn’t work. We want our AFI clones back, please.