New Wolfmother album, “Victorious” available to stream pre-release


This is Australian hard rock band Wolfmother.

They have big juicy rock riffs that fall somewhere between up-tempo AC/DC and Sabbath on adderall with a vocalist in Andrew Stockdale who channels the spirit of a young Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin.

The band even pulls off the improbable trick of winding all of the above into the occasional radio-friendly rock song.

Their 2005 debut won numerous awards and the band has charted a grip of hits.

They have a new album that releases on February 19th, 2016, entitled, ‘Victorious’.

The entire album is available for streaming, courtesy of Thank you Mister Rogers!


Also released is the video for the title track, “Victorious”..

Here is some Wolfmother that has previously caught our ear… feel the Zeppelin in “Woman”

Here is another solid rocker, “Joker and the Thief” with video guest appearances by the Jackass crew…