Band Profile: All Hail The Yeti


This is All Hail The Yeti.

They claim West Hollywood… but I know a Canadian when I see one.

And singer Connor Garritty is poutine eating canuck if there ever was one.

But he moved to the city where ‘making it’ is probably hardest nowadays… Hollywood.

Undaunted, Garritty came together with guitarist K.J. Duval 2006 in and All Hail The Yeti was birthed into the sea of other LA bands.

The group has earned their stripes through putting in the time on the club circuit.

Connor Garritty remarks: “Just about anything that you could think of has happened during our shows, Blood, vomit, spit, fights, laughter, broken bones, split skulls, stage diving, girls stripping, drug induced, alcohol-fueled mayhem.”


An EP titled “Trees On Fire With Songs Of Blood,” was released in 2010 which led to higher profile shows with bands like Times of Grace, Soulfly, Fear Factory, and Suicide Silence.

The first full length was a self-titled crusher that dropped in 2012.


Noteworthy would be the driving, “Suicide Woods”, which also showcases the bands, ‘flannel’ era … ‘dose Canadians love der flannel, eh?

The album also produced one of the more interesting tracks from All Hail The Yeti… the southern infused, “The Art of Mourning”… not too many bands can pull off the heavy metal harmonica.

Another crunchy number off their self-titled album, would be the provocative and pounding, “Ruby Ridge (Every Knee Shall Bow)”. A great topic for a song, (Google Ruby Ridge) handled with the disenfranchised angst and horror the subject matter demands. Musically, the guitar riffage evokes that dark southern grind that Down guitarist Pepper Keenan so masterfully employs.

The band dropped an album in 2016 called, “Screams From A Black Wilderness” (Minus Head Records).

The concept, based on classic campfire-circle horror stories, presents a different story with each track.

“Screams From A Black Wilderness” track listing:

01. Before The Flames
02. Plague Dance
03. Let The Night Roar
04. Mr. Murder (feat. Brock Lindow of 36 Crazyfists)
05. Lady Of The Night
06. Witch Is Dead
07. Daughter Of The Morning Star
08. Sun Will Never Set
09. Fall Of Core
10. Breaking On The Wheel
11. Nemesis Queen
12. Angels Envy

The video for the first single, “After The Great Fire” has been released to tease the album launch.

It seems a more melodic, even radio friendly approach than previous work, but still maintains a thrashier bridge that is evened out by the arena rock chorus and a crushing ending.