Review: Nevermore

““Dead Heart In A Dead World””
(Century Media)

The newest release from Nevermore, titled Dead Heart in a Dead World, comes out amid the questioning expectations of whether their signature Seattle sound will remain intact despite the loss of one guitarist.   Not only does this album remain true to who they were, it also takes Nevermore into a heavier, thicker sound.  For any who are familiar with Nevermore or who just like thrash-inspired technical metal, Dead Heart should prove a safe bet.  Despite being heavy metal, Nevermore has a odd connection to the dead Seattle grunge sound, mostly from vocalist Warrel Dane, who has an eclectic and unique style of singing which has a tendency to make me want to wear slashed jeans over thermal underwear.  This is NOT to say that Nevermore is comparable to any of the bands that come out of that time and place, but the singing makes one wonder about their previous involvement with their scene. If you are at all familiar, then you will expect the sonic and lyrical approach that Dead Heart has.  At once dark, cynical, and like no other band that I’ve heard, this is a band that heavy metal fans will find consistent and worth listening to.  Although there are a couple slow and acoustic tracks, they are put together in an interesting and non-ballad style that keeps the listener engaged in what’s going on.  Another good release from a quality band.