Review: Muggs

““Soul Assassins II””
(RuffLife Records)

This disc is a follow-up to Muggs’ first Soul Assassins compilation, released in 1997.  Although the Cypress Hill DJ has brought back a lot of the MC’s featured on the first album, Soul Assassins II really blows the first one away.  As on the first album, Muggs creates a darker, moodier sound than he uses when working with Cypress Hill- this is a record that should not be played anywhere near a dance floor.  The variety of MC’s on the album- from West Coast kings B-Real and Xzibit to Wu-Tang’s GZA (one of the most underrated MC’s around) to underground favorites Dilated Peoples – lends freshness and keeps you guessing without sacrificing the album’s consistency.  Even though Muggs’ protégé Alchemist produces a few tracks, you’d never know it without looking at the credits.  Soul Assassins II is a tight disc from top to bottom.  It’s real hip hop as brought to you by oneof the true masters.