Review: Maximo Park

Maximo Park
“A Certain Trigger”

Maximo Park is a group of English fellows making the same kind of sound Franz Ferdinand and The Killers are spewing stateside. Maximo Park don’t go quite as far as Franz Ferdinand, but they go a little past The Killers stomping ground. With riffs stripped from Iggy and the Stooges, hill-and-valley vocals lifted from The Strokes and their own blend of English pop, Maximo Park is looking at carving a niche in the American music scene. “Apply Some Pressure” is already rising on the UK charts. It sounds like The Strokes cranked up on speed, only better. Maximo Park has created a concoction of sound from genres that have been staples in the music world for decades and genres that are just seeing a rise again. They’ve mastered a sound that works and feels fresh. Definitely worth a deeper look.