Review: Los Infernos

Los Infernos
“Rock and Roll Nightmare”
(Alternative Tentacles)

This long awaited album is fabulous and delivers the rock n’ roll chaos they are known to cause! These outlaws unleash the rock n’ roll demons and rattle your knocker with some kick ass jams like, “Start, Nowhere Fast” and “Demons”.  This album is just as intense and riveting as Planet Kaos, but “R&R Nightmare” breaks through the chains and charges you full speed! This album has a powerful approach and reaches higher dimensions. Derek’s sweet serenades coat your ears in an awesome hidden track after “When I Was Young”.  Another perty lil doosey is “Time”, which is a sugary melodic tune that picks up the pace when you least expect it.  Two very finger lickin’ songs that will have you crying in your beer.  Of course, they also blow our minds with “Rise And Fall” and “Gimme The Gun”.  Excellent guitar work by Matt and Vince, swift beefy bass playing by Danny, and destructive drumming by Ruben, who, unfortunately, is no longer in the band.   The entire album is wicked and entrancing . Los Infernos is one band that can truly captivate their listeners both live and on record.