Review: The Living End

The Living End
““Roll On””
(Warner Bros.)

The Living End, made up of three blokes from Down Under, forks out gritty, crusty punkibilly at it’s best.  The formula of tossing in a hellish double-bass bludgeoned at hyper speeds with traditional British punk overtures, has made for stellar arrangements that refuse to lose momentum.  It’s an engaging listen thanks to several courageous change-ups reeking of anything from ska to rock n’ roll – all which will certainly help in shaking the anticipated Green Day comparisons.  Surprisingly, the lyrics tackle significant topics.  Don’t Shut the Gate”, a rock tune touching on Australia’s strict immigration laws, and “Revolution Regained” reliving East Timor’s continuing struggle are smartly counterbalanced by quintessential beer-guzzling anthems like, “Carry Me Home” and “Uncle Harry”. They are sure to be a radio favorite.