Review: The Generators

The Generators
(TKO Records)

With all the great bands coming out of TKO Records, I would expect nothing short of greatness from this band.  The Generators aren’t exactly tapping into anything new, but they do have an awesome sound.  To label this band as strictly punk would be ignorant, because there is a definite presence of rock n’ roll.  A little mix I’ve titled “punk n’ roll.” Some songs are definitely danceable like, “All Night Long,” and “Coming Down.” These guys must be awesome live, I have a feeling they’d present a lot of energy. Their album, “Tyranny” is chalk-full of it! It’s one of those albums that can be listened to with friends where you dance around and have a good time, or listened to alone and suddenly your shoes start to tap along with the beat. The Generators take on more of an old-school punk rock sound, rather then the harder screaming punk of today. It is both refreshing and relaxing, considering today’s popular music standards. Either it’s screeching rap-rock, or boy band bubble gum pop, it’s safe to say that The Generators fall into neither category. This release is definitely worth placing in the “this one’s a keeper,” box.