Review: King Django

King Django
(Hellcat Records)

Reggae never was the biggest genre in my musical backround. Sure, I know the big artists (Bob Marley, um..that fast talkin white guy Snow) but that’s about where my knowledge grinds to a halt. In fact, the closest I’’ve gotten to Jamican’s are those dirty rave/hippy kids on the boardwalk at the beach. Now, I know dirt and Jnco’s can’t be THAT much about reggae…I mean, I can understand the dreads, but the dirt? King Djanamo steps on the scene off of Hellcat. Yes, the label with those crazy punk rock folks have a little piss in their pudding. And by piss I mean KD, but in a good way, not like urine. Urine isnt really BAD, per say, I just could understand someone taking offence to being compared to it. Hardly anything good comes out of urine, except maybe cocaine and beer induced kinky sex acts. And by kinky I mean someone besides your sister. That’s nasty. Same amount of letters, different word and meaning. This album took me a bit to get used to. In fact, I still skip over the first two tracks. Just not that fond of ‘em! The third track, that’s where the love kicks in. With keyboards and drum machine, Nex Season starts out like a song by Parapa, but it really pulls itself together. Little bits of scratching with a upbeat (but not happytrance shit) sound and a fast flow, this should have been the first song. It’s got a real odd pickups and drops, which get passed on to the rest of the album. The next track, “Never Try” is almost a Pietasters clone, which is good, but it’s slow crooning almost upsets the faster pickup of the other tracks. Hey, whats KMFDM doing on this album? Silly, it’s not them, it’s just what “I Don’t Want You” sounds like. The finish to this album is “Cold Fronting”, which is a weird techno mix thingy. Check this album out if you kinda enjoy beats but you don’t have pants with 60” legs. But don’t forget to skip track’s 1-2. I tried to remove them by scratching them off the CD, but now my CD won’t play. I made this whole review up.