Review: Iron Savior

Iron Savior
““Dark Assault””
(Century Media)

German power metal in the tradition of Scorpions melody with Iron Maiden power.  Iron Savior due well to kick out some large made for the arena speedy metal.  Embracing the classic dual guitar leads and uzi-fast double bass kicks, this is metal for the metal heads.  The vocalist has a good range and doesn’’t get whiney even though his style pays a lot to Bruce Dickenson.  But Singer Jan-S Eckert has a lower grumble so he shoots for a meaner vibe.  “Dragon’s Rising” has a crunchy guitar breakdown that shows Iron Savior can pull off a dynamic and keep tearing it up through the song.  The lyrics are typical metal macho cheese (kill, fight, battlefields raging, blah blah blah) and are the weak point where Iron Savior could actually shine past the Euro-Metal scene.  Traditional metal lovers that like that new Halford album should check this out.  While I will personally spin this a few times, the lyrics continually make me shake my head and say, “oh really?”  One would think Iron Savior just got done with a century long battle with foes so mighty, only a blow from my enchanted blade could slay their vile selves.  From the story presented inside the CD case, this could actually be some sort of concept album about the “Iron Savior” so if looked at like a metal comic book soundtrack, ok, lines like “Kill – we came to kill the night – We’re the warriors of light” wouldn’’t make me dismiss this so readily because the music is enough to keep this in my player for a bit.