Review: Chinchilla

(Metal Blade)

Rejoice!  For those of you who never thought there’d be a proper cross over between Manowar and Pretty Maids, well you thought wrong, damn you!  This is pure soaring melodic German metal.  All hail Germany, where it isn’’t cliched or overly silly to belt out with total passion, “Fight for our rights and we’ll be free,” on track one and, “Fight for your rights you will never die,” on track two.  There’s a lot of rights fighting going on in the old Reich.  Thank heavens.  I shouldn’’t be too harsh.  This kind of music is simply not made any more.  Of course, there’s a reason, but I do have to say I admire Chinchilla’s bravery to be their own thing, which is metal as pure as Saxon, Iron Maiden, Leatherwolf or Wolf’s Bane!  Now that’s more metal than you might be use to.  This, ladies and gentlemen, is what the old folks call, “Power Metal.”  Power Metal is defined by strong melody, sudden emotional surges of raw raucous power and very large dicks.  By the way, a Chinchilla is a small rodent found in the Andes.  It averages between 11.5 and 21 inches in length and that includes the tail, boys and girls.  Chinchilla fur is quite a commodity and fetches a pretty penny on the open market.  So what is Chinchilla the band saying with their name?  Perhaps they are saying that although they are a common a nuisance, if you take half a moment to skin them, then you may see the value.  Check out track six, a cool cover of “I Stole Your Love” by Kiss.