Review: The X-Impossibles “White Knuckle Ride”

The X-Impossibles
“White Knuckle Ride”
(Headhunter / Cargo Music)

It’s not easy being a new band that sounds like a bunch of old bands, but the X-Impossibles give it their best shot on their new, twelve track release “White Knuckle Ride”.  Unfortunately, that’s not enough.  Lots (and lots and lots and lots) of distorted, fuzzy power chords and garbled lyrics nostalgically remind the listener of punk’s bygone days of The Stooges and The Heartbreakers, but where’s the beef?  This Georgia based quintet has obviously become so fixated with the halcyon memories of Iggy and Sylvain Sylvain that they’ve lost virtually all sight of the current state of punk rock.  It also doesn”t help that there is an unusual, tinny sound to each of the songs, making me wonder if they were recorded inside a can of Campbell’s soup.  That said, “Don’t Tread” and “Nowhere to Nowhere” offer glimpses of better things to come, as the X-Impossibles display a fresh, deeply emotive sound on these two tracks.  The rest of the album however, lacks this creative spark and sounds like it should have come from a group called “The Band that Time Forgot”.