Review: In Flames

In Flames
(Nuclear Blast)

Out of Gothenburg, Sweden comes the straight up metal act In Flames with “Clayman”. A hard rocking band that brings together a myriad of different sounds all over the metal map including death, thrash, black, and power, but mostly thrash.  Laden with heavy and crunching groves, In Flames sets up a hard edge over which a keyboard brings a sweet clean tone. It reminds me of Amorphis’ “Tuonela” at times though they manage to keep the music moving in a unique direction. Mostly, In Flames is a very diverse band with a verity of ways they deliver their sounds. “Clayman” is outside of categorization for that very reason and In Flames doesn’t narrow the scope of their vision.  This is only the second album with this line up (the band must have just changed a revolving door policy towards members).  In part, this is how In Flames developed such a unique sound.  So many people leaving their touches to the band.  But time and member dances have fallen favorably on In Flames. Clayman” is rich in texture and excellently performed. Frequent tempo and mood changes keeps you guessing where this musical journey will take you, but have no fear, you’re in good hands.