In The Company Of Serpents release new 10 minute track


This is In The Company Of Serpents.

They are a two-piece from Denver specializing in Doom rock.

Slow, sludgy, over-blown, growly, dark, seething, abrasive end-of-the-world-apocalyptic type rock.

They just dropped a 10 minute+ long behemoth called, “Rendered Unto Ash”

Guitarist/vocalist Grant Netzorg comments: “‘Rendered Unto Ash’ was recorded in collaboration with our friends at TRVE Brewing CO & Flatline Audio, who are two of the biggest advocates for awesome heavy tunes here in Denver. Dave Otero spearheads Flatline Audio, where we also recently recorded Merging In Light, so we were excited to head back in to record with him once again. The new material is simultaneously among the heaviest stuff we’ve recorded, while it is also some of the more experimental. I was able to indulge my inner Ennio Morricone, and there are several passages in ‘Rendered Unto Ash’ which would be at home in an eerie spaghetti western. The artwork for this release was done by Fred Grabosky of FTG Illustrations. We met when he was touring with his old band, the awesomely heavy and psychedelic Sadgiqacea,and he has really gone all out for this piece. I gave him the very broad subject of wanting imagery that would invoke the idea of life springing from death, or something positive that is presaged by cataclysm. The end result of his work embodies this perfectly, and we are thrilled with it.”

Epic tracks come with their own artwork.
Epic tracks come with their own artwork.

The track is so long and monstrous… our site won’t even allow us to host it!

But you can stream it for free here… with a link for a FREE DOWNLOAD of the track as well.

Everyone knows Doom Rock is one of the more generous forms of rock…

If you just want a quick taste of the nasty… here is the song, ‘Third Mind’ off their latest EP, “Merging In Light”.