New female condom guarantees orgasm


This is the VA w.o.w.

Ridiculous name, bold claims.

The new condom, being developed by IXu LLC, a Michigan-based condom company, can be inserted into the vagina up to eight hours before sex.  It comes with a heart or star-shaped ring which vibrates and can induce an orgasm.


IXu says the VA w.o.w. will be ‘a new condom people would prefer to use – even more than using no condom at all’.

Again, bold claim… but if true… who is going to stand in the way of safer AND better sex?

The company carried out a survey of the new condoms on 50 couples and found that 70 per cent of women had an orgasm the first time they used VA w.o.w.

By the second use, 84 per cent of women had been brought to orgasm, and by the fourth use, 100 per cent of the women had achieved success.

No word on what it did for the men… but guessing since any amount of sex was involved, most are on board.

‘The rate of orgasm for women by the fourth time of use was 100 percent. It was a higher orgasm rate for women than even for men,’ says IXu’s Brian Osterberg.

Vibrating... for her pleasure. If a guy wants to orgasm as well.. that's cool too.
Vibrating… for her pleasure. If a guy wants to orgasm as well.. that’s cool too.

Xü expects to announce the first new female condom manufacture-partner within six months.

New wearable tech female condoms based on patented technology are expected to debut within 18-24 months.