Review: Immolation

““Close to a World Below””
(Metal Blade)

Angry pissed of brutal dark stuff.  There’s some serious issues with the whole concept of religion as that is the dominating, no…the only them discussed.  The kind of stuff your mom might find and deem you Satanist!  Hell, we are all going to hell for our false beliefs.  Damn, I thought it was for all the kinky sex and illicit drug use.  Hell and fire and damnation, groooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwl.  Fear this. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  The double bass attack here sets tempos that would snap most necks trying to keep pace.  Technically super quick and razor sharp and reflecting a band that’s spent over a decade honing their proficiency.  I don’t hear much that’s groundbreaking in the genre, aside from some of the drum work but this should burn nicely amongst your general brutal death inspired anti-Christianity rants.  Musically more satisfying as the lyrics are basically there as vocal presence and I just don’t hate any religion that much.  Then again, I didn’t spend some “special time” with Father D.Ohntell.  Maybe these guys did.  They really hate Christianity.  “Holy Mary, mother of Christ – The fruit of thy womb has poisoned me.” – (from “Father, You’re Not A Father”).  But then those Puda-puda-puda drum breaks bleeding with the whiny speed riffage (and thankful lack of excessive solos) and the occasional shift in tempo makes Immolation worthy of their ranking in Hell.  (I do like the quote that’s behind the CD – “Didn’t You Say ………… Jesus was coming”).