Review: The Limes

The Limes
““Turn Your Lights Off””
(Deluxe Records)

Hip rock.  The kind that sports shades in a nightclub and always seems to have the chick on its arm.  The kind that knows the value of pumping guitars that hit the quick strum break with a legs apart rock stance.  Urge Overkill slaps the ideal of The Limes filtered through a penchant for the simple riff punch, but containing a much more glossy shine.  Radio hooks are thick (almost Everclear clever without the sap) and structures are shaped into the traditional FM pop jam.  Cheap Trick rockster vibe accompanied with some interesting choice of guitar effects add to what would be the range of The Limes.  The pop bounce that most of these songs adhere to becomes a repetitive formula, but the approach has a certain easy to swallow accessibility despite its occasional shallow/used progression.  I knew they would have to offer the meaningful Matchbox 20 sticky radio song, and was answered with, “If”.  The problem is, from a radio executives view, this song would probably sell right up there with the Wallflowers.  If you find yourself embracing that stuff the contemporary radio tells you is “rock”  (Gin Blossoms were never rock), The Limes offer a decent take on the mainstream radio rock nugget and succeed best when they walk outside the line of the worn idea.  Songs like, “Friends” use such old guitar progressions, even the singers Replacements-like delivery doesn’’t shine up the ancient reworked progression behind it.  About mid-way through this disk, the sap comes dripping through.  The Limes are so much better when they deal with some tempo and volume and experiment as the slow stuff lacks much to keep the attention. (Even if the singer can do really pretty high voice stuff).   When they put the creative stitch in, songs like, ““Smile”” are born (love that early new-wave Clash feel to the guitar riff here).  Evens the vocals on this song take on a neurotic waiver and re-define this bands credibility.  Depending on which song you listen to, The Limes can appear pop genius original or why bother used.  Trim the tired and check out this excellent EP.