Review: Haste

““When Reason Sleeps””
(Century Media)

Loud, heavy, aggressive, well-executed tight playing are the hallmarks of “When Reason Sleeps” by Haste.  Depending on one’s outlook, Haste either treats you to a dual-vocal attack or they irritate you with not one but two bad vocalists.  I belong to the latter school of thought myself.  First you get Cookie Monster grumbling, then you get Sam Kinison screeching of master M.C. #2, then back to Cookie Monster, then back to Sam, then, well it just goes on like that. Sometimes we’re treated to, quote, unquote “singing.” I’d think one vocalist could do what they need two to do.  The stars of the album are the two guitarists who would do much better for themselves by auditioning new vocal talent.  I want to recommend this album without overly praising the thing.  The guitars do pummel the listener with wonderfully crafted intricacies and technical precision.  Whether or not I find any of this album innovative or having the spark that’ll give it endurance as a welcomed member of my cd collection is hard to say.  What I can say is they don’t mess around.  The album is kept claustrophobically heavy and tight with little breathing room for even the slightest error.  Where the songs tend to fail is in the tender, unguarded middle where neither the strength of the intro. or rising action of the climax saves them from getting tedious.  If it was a movie, you’re butt would be sore through the whole second act.  But what’s new?