Review: Future Loop Foundation vs. Break Division featuring D Flava

Future Loop Foundation vs. Break Division featuring D Flava
” Live In The Middle Of Nowhere””
(Liquid Records)

As far as dance music goes, this is some pretty good stuff.  Powerfully rhythmic drum and bass combined with the fast and furious turntable work of Mark Barrott, and the flowing lyrics of D-Flava make for quite an enjoyable auditory experience.  The biggest problem here, as with most dance music, is the redundancy of the beats.  Of course a steady rhythm is necessary for any kind of ambient groove to get your body moving, but there’s nothing wrong with a little beat chopping to keep your mind entertained as well. There are a couple of sweet moments when Barrott gets a little bit creative and tries out his turntable-samurai skills, and you’ve got to give him credit for trying even if it’s not his forte.  Where he really shines is in his fast pace scratching, at times you can almost picture the wax shredding off the record and flying up into his eyes, teeth and hair.  D-Flava does his part too, spitting out quick little rhymes that melt into the rest of the music effortlessly, definitely a good enough addition to Future Loop Foundation to attempt to keep the tunes listenable and not just danceable.  All in all though, it is a dance mix, rapid and repetitive, and not exactly the type of thing you’d want to sit down and listen to for musical enlightenment.  It certainly fills it’s purpose though, which is to get a crowd of hyped up folk down and dirty with the dance floor, but not much else.